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Bounce Platform  

The bounce platform consists of a sloped plywood sheet mounted on a steel cylinder. Inside the cylinder is a motor and the corresponding control circuitry allowing the platform to rotate to aim the bounce towards the player.

To sense the player, a series of photodiodes are mounted around the perimeter of the cylinder. These photodiodes respond to the signal emitted by the device worn by the player. Simple PID feedback control enables the device to follow the player as he or she moves around the court.

Point Guard
Photodiode Sensors
Bounce Platform and Support Cylinder
Leg band  

The player wears a leg band which contains several infrared light-emitting diodes. The light from the leg band is sensed by the photodiodes on the bounce platform. The diodes are pulsed at a specific frequency whichidentifies the player. This pulsing improves performance around infrared noise sources such as the sun and incandescent lamps.

Leg Band Transmitter