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  Kayak Operations  
Kayak at Sea
Multi-vehicle Deployment

The autonomous kayak is suitable for many types of missions - a payload of over 25 kg allows extensive instrumentation and other equipment attachments.

The kayak has been outfitted with range-finding sonar to map the seabed. It has also been equipped to measure turbidity and crude oil to detect water contamination.

The greatest value of the kayak is as part of an underwater acoustic communication network. Missions performed with several autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) have utilized the kayak as a link between the underwater network of AUVs and the support vessel.

Current work in constructing several more kayaks will enable experimentation for research into networks of acoustic devices, without the expense and complications associated with submersible vehicles.

Shallow-water seabed mapping
Kayak at Sea
Acoustic link from underwater to surface
Multiple-vehicle missions
The kayak is designed with an emphasis on minimizing the logistics requirements during operations. It can deployed manually by two people, eliminating the need for a larger ship with a crane. Additionally, the kayak, along with all necessary equipment, can be transported in any readily available, mid-size SUV.  
Vehicle deployment
Equipment transport